Final Post – Moving to a New Blogging Platform

I started this WordPress blogging journey on July 19 2015 after listening to a persistent inner urge that I had to express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions on a new platform. Since then I have published 72 posts over a period of 4 years.

Without a doubt, this habit of constant blogging has really helped me expose and structure my thoughts and over the years, through my writing, I have been able to periodically reflect and introspect on my inner state. Sometimes I even find myself going back to my older posts just so I can get a better idea of the state of mind I was in at a certain point in time, and this has helped me tremendously.

This final post is to thank you all for reading my writing on this blog, as diverse and inconsistent as it may have been, I appreciate the time, support and attention that you have given me.

I know this post sounds somewhat dismal, but don’t fear, I’m not closing shop – I am just changing platforms, moving from WordPress to Ghost, in order to gain a bit more control over my content and my presentation. I have just published my first post on it (hint: it has to do with burying the demons from a previous relationship) and I would really love for you read it. You can head along to the following URL:

and we can continue our journey together.

To many more years of writing, reflection, sharing, and living.


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