First, they colonized our land

Then they colonized our minds:


“Kill Africans, rape Africa

Actually, let’s share Africa

Create borders, spark genocides

Mine minerals, they won’t realize


We need labour

We’ll take slaves

Separate families, it’s okay

They’re inferior, we are better

They are primitive, they need a saviour


We’ll build them schools, take them to church

We’ll give them Jesus, they’ll put Him first

Just trust our God, he’ll put it right

While we exploit and ruin your life


Make them feel guilty, call them sinners

Collect their money, increase our riches

Make them dependent, make them feel weak

Make them feel worthless, helpless, meek


Run the economy, but give them politics

Own education, but give them schools

Own their beliefs, but let them preach it

Build infrastructure, give them the tools


Own entertainment using their talents

Control the media, feed them the news

Create events and tournaments

Sell them the seats, sell them the shoes

It’s our world

But you can live here

We’ll get along if you behave

So have your ‘freedom’ and ‘liberation’

But we both know that you’re still a slave”


“… it is not enough to be free of the whips, principalities and powers.”

– Edward Kamau Brathwaite


“No one is more enslaved than a slave who doesn’t think they’re enslaved.”

– Kate Beckinsale



One thought on “Slavery

  1. “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed”. My belief is that at the core of slavery is greed and corruption. It’s very present even today despite many countries having celebrated decades of independence and freedom from colonialists, as you have stated in your blog. It’s also worth noting that even Africans sold their own brothers and sisters in exchange for armour and anything else white people carried on their boats.
    The human condition is what Jesus Christ came to heal and restore; how people corrupted His truth and purpose has nothing to do with the character of God. How we choose to relate to God is our choice and if people want to drink petrol or be sprayed with doom, that’s on them and their leaders. If they do this in the name of God, it’s their responsibility to ensure that their motives are correct and in line with the truth. Ultimately one cannot know who God is through another human, par example, the preacher or our parents. Like any other relationship, you build directly with a person and not through another. It’s the same with God, the legitimacy of His reputation hinges on who He is and what He has consistently proven to be, not necessarily on what people say He is. Unfortunately we have a great track record of screwing up what is meant for good. And often use what’s good to try to control people and exploit their vulnerabilities.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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