No, 2018 will not be your year



Alright, here we go again…

The current year is wrapping up and the new year is gradually approaching us. The eager beavers are really excited, the ‘all bark no bite’ people have realized that they accomplished nothing significant this year and the consistently-unfortunate victims among us cannot wait for this horrible year to end.

Naturally, we will start seeing the “2018 is my year” and “new year new me” propaganda posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. And we will hear the overly optimistic chants of family and friends at home, in church, at restaurants, clubs, and bars worldwide. New year’s resolutions will be written up, gym memberships will be signed up for, kitchen cupboards will be cleared out, new *insert ingredient here*-free diets will be followed, bottles of alcohol will be poured down the drain, cigarette packs will be burnt, chastity belts will be worn, condoms will be thrown away (out of sight out of mind vibes), clubs will be avoided, wardrobes will be revamped and bathroom scales will be bought. Yes, 2018 is steadily approaching us, and you are desperately trying to convince yourself that it will be your year, that this will be your moment, your time, your opportunity to finally make a breakthrough. To get those academic results, to secure that business deal or to find the romantic partner of your dreams. Yes, you are extremely hopeful that it will be your year, but unfortunately, it probably won’t be #dololo.

Look, 2018 is just the number of years since Jesus was born, January is just the name of the first month on the Gregorian calendar and 365 is the number of days that the Earth takes to orbit the Sun (well technically 365.25 days). So don’t be fooled by the symbols and the arbitrary time periods, if you are really serious about change, then make that change now. Don’t depend on something as insignificant as the predictable change of a set of arbitrary numbers in a conventional date format. (i.e 31/12/2017 -> 1/1/2018), because in the bigger scheme of things it doesn’t really mean anything. If you are really serious about change, then make that change now.

Desiring change is not a problem and I’m not trying to imply that the glorious new year will not bring about any positives in your life. What I am saying is that you probably felt this exact same way approximately one year ago, and if you didn’t even attempt to achieve any of the wonderful things that you claimed you would achieve, then you are just playing yourself once again. You are getting caught up in the hype, you are getting lost in the sauce, you are running away from your problems and in an act of denial and desperation you are actively choosing to live in a fantasy world where a simple numerical change, based solely on the movements of the planets in our solar system, automatically brings about improvements in your thoughts, habits, health, academic records, business activities and financial status. Please, save yourself the unjustified excitement.

If the above describes the delusional mentality that you harbor, then it is very likely that nothing will change, it is very likely that 365 days from now you will be in the exact same position and while I sincerely apologize for bursting your bubble, it is very likely that 2018 will not be your year.


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