What are you after?

So my older brother Walter released a track (another beautiful instrumental) recently. Titled “What are you after”. Listen to it here. I woke up to this thought stimulating melody today and as soon as I heard it I just started contemplating my life, with thoughts like “what am I doing”, “what is the purpose of it all”, “am I making use of my time here”.

So I did what I usually do when my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts,  I wrote (as I continued to play the song on repeat for about another hour).

Below is my personal interpretation of this instrumental in my own words. I urge you to listen to his track , it is quite deep (deep for daaaays) and if it doesn’t make you contemplate your existence on this earth, then I don’t know what will.

PS: My poem makes a lot more sense when you read it with the music playing.

So listen to it here

What are you after?

What do you want?

Where are you going?

Why are you here?

Why are you living?

What would you die for?

What are your fears?

What is your passion?

What would you chase?

What are your dreams?

What would you fight for in this life up until you succeed?

What would you rip your heart out for as you watch yourself bleed?

What gives you energy?

What are your fantasies?

Where are you mentally?

What is your inner creed?

What are you willing to do in defence of your beliefs?

Do you want to live on your knees

or die on your feet?

Do you want to be a courageous leader

or a humble sheep?

Do you want to make a path

or just take directions?

You got to make a decision now at the intersection

Introspections gonna show you

how you’re feeling

what you’re seeing

Are you falling down to the floor

Or reaching for the ceiling?

Is there meaning?

Does it all make sense?

Is it all appealing?

Are you just accepting all the cards that this life is dealing?

“Trust the wisdom of your soul. It knows the way.” ~ Unknown

What are you after?? – Walter Mmari

It’s really music for the soul.


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