The illusion of dichotomy

I Am Adam

I am Eve

I am the truth

But I do deceive

I am the serpent

The cunning beast

That caused her to eat

From the forbidden tree

I am the doubt

I am the fear

I am the lies

And I’m in your midst

Just try rebuke me

Try cast me out

But without you

I cannot exist

I am an angel

Sometimes a demon

I live in heaven

I reside in hell

I shower blessings

I give you curses

I make you Ill

I make you well

Call me a friend

Call me a foe

As I fluctuate

Between love and hate

I create your future

I caused your past

I am your present

I know your fate

I create

And I destroy

I plan birth

And enforce death

I am the king of light

The prince of darkness

I’ll take your life

Cause I gave you breath

So Call me Jesus

Call me Judas


Or Lucifer

I am the Lord

I am the Devil

Just call my name

And I’ll be there.


Duality, dichotomy and contrast are typical manifestations of the human mind.

We think up and down exist separately, yet they are completely dependent on each other.

Neither can exist on their own.

So then, how separate can they actually be?

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