Poem: Deep dormant pain

These problems deep inside
that we hide
in the traffic
and the mist
though we try
it still persists
through the denial.

The issues that we keep
lay the seed
then we reap
try to succeed
but we bleed.
Marinade sadly
in our defeat.

These thoughts that we think
and forget
that lay dormant
in our heads
in our minds
and manifest soon
in our lives .

The voices that we hear
that compete
within our ear
for attention
to be mentioned
as we cry
from distress and fear.

The pain that we feel
but pretend
it isn’t real
our bones crack
under the stress
as our flesh
is failing to heal.

These images we see
through our eyes
all the lies
that we’re told
make no sense
as reality unfolds.

These smiles that we fake
as the sadness is embraced
though we try
it still persists, we deny
but we know
that deep inside
it still exists


“If you believe everything you feel is an illusion then you’re delusional. Your emotion is a part of  you. You’re made with it. Denying it and thinking it is all your mind, is denying your existence.”
― Ann Marie Aguilar

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