Life: It’s not just about the Money

Just about money you say?

No, it is not just about the money.

If it was just about the money I would have become an investment banker, packed up my life and moved to the luxurious west where every 6 months I would receive a performance bonus equivalent to the GDP of a little third world country. If it was about the money I would have lied, cheated and stolen just to get those Benjamins (or Mandelas in this case. #KeepItLocal) into my bank account. If it was just about the money, I would have seriously considered robbing a bank or two by now. If it was just about the money I would have dedicated my whole life to working my way up the well structured corporate ladder, regardless of the aims of the company, pushing hard for bonuses, faithfully waiting for the next opportunity to get recognized, rewarded and promoted. If it was just about the money I would easily settle for a permanent job that I despise, force myself to go to work everyday and faithfully grind my way to the end of the month.  If it was just about the money, money would be all I cared about, it would be the purpose of my life, mon raison d’etre.

If it was just about the money, I would be just about the money… but I’m not.

Yes, money is essential, nowadays you can’t do anything without it. You need money to eat well, sleep well, live well and even die well (it’s ridiculous I tell you). And unless you still live in a secluded, undiscovered, untouched village somewhere out there in the natural world, then you, like me, will be well aware -as the saying has it -that money indeed doeth maketh the world go round…eth. Let us face the facts people, the majority of the world wakes  up to work, the majority of the world works to make money, the majority of the world makes money to live, the majority of the world seemingly lives to make money. With that said, it is clear that we can’t run away from the fact that money is a key factor that we base a lot of our life decisions on, from what to study, to where to work, and of course – the infamous – what to “be” when you grow up (btw don‘t grow up, it’s a trap). Let us be frank, of course money matters, but! it is not all that matters.

I personally refuse to live a life that is driven solely by money, I refuse to let symbolic paper notes (with dead people’s faces on them) dictate my behaviour, my decisions, my actions, my desires and my entire outlook on life. Money matters, yes,  but it’s not all that matters. I’m not just here to make money, that would be a waste of a life, I’m here to make a difference, I’m here to live out my passions, follow my dreams, explore the world and live life to the fullest.

…*insert more purpose-driven motivational airy fairy talk here*…

Will this need money? YES! of course it will (I am a dreamer, but I’m still rational). But, is my life just about the money? Nooooo… my presence in this Rat Race will not be trivially reduced to simply searching for cheese.

It’s not just about the money, never was never will be.




PS: No investment bankers were harmed during the making of this post, I just used that career for dramatic effect. I have nothing against you guys, so you should keep doing you Investment Bankers, the world needs you.



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