Limiting Beliefs

Today I ran. I ran today.

What started off as a pretty average short run at about 20:00 on a normal Wednesday night, turned into a run filled with thoughts, questions and deep existential contemplation – pretty much like all my other runs 🙂

I started off questioning why we as modern day human beings doubt ourselves so much, even at times when we have absolutely nothing to lose. Why do we chose the easy routes, why do we make the easy decisions, why do we shy away from the road not taken? Especially when we know deep down inside the path that we ought to be on. It bothered me, and not because I am particularly distraught about the state of present day humanity as a whole (everyone has their own issues to deal with), what really bothered me personally was the fact that despite my conscious efforts to steer my life in the direction that I see it heading – I still can’t help but fall into the traps prepared for me by my unconscious, self-sabotaging and extremely deeply rooted limiting beliefs. Some of these beliefs I have formed from the experiences of my life, while the majority I have inherited from the collective mind of humanity as a whole (tisk tisk..).

So to counter this, I did two things during my run today:

  1. I ran a different route than I ran the day before.
  2. I ran for slightly longer than I ran the day before.

Two simple, yet profound changes. One causes the mind to think in ways it has never thought before, because you are exposed to places, paths, opportunities and possibilities that you never even knew existed (I even thought I was lost for a while, I must admit it was quite exciting…) . The second is about endurance, performance, stamina, self-belief and confidence – because by pushing yourself just a little further than you did the last time, you make a little progress and with a lot of  these little progresses, you improve yourself significantly over time.

All in all, basically by changing your approach to simple life activities like running, you are allowing yourself to get out of the paralyzing process of non-progressive habit, which is extremely important if you ever want to achieve anything significant in life.




“Growth and comfort do not co-exist” – Ginny Rometty


2 thoughts on “Limiting Beliefs

  1. I like the way you perceived it bro, very profound. In line with the book I’m currently reading, “who moved my cheese?” by Dr Spencer.


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